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Easy DIY Jingle Bell Napkin Rings

Posted by on Dec 10, 2015 in Faith, Family |

Last Saturday my church had their annual Women’s Christmas Tea.

Once again I hosted a table, and enjoyed pulling everything together. For that extra touch, I made these cute jingle bell napkin rings, and you can too! They’re easy to make.

jingle bell napkin ring

What you need:

1 paper towel cardboard tube



Serrated knife

Cutting board



Hot glue/hot glue gun


1-inch jingle bells (from the Dollar Store)


What you do:

1. Measure and mark the cardboard tube in 1.25 increments.


2. Cut the cardboard tube into napkin rings by using the serrated knife on the cutting board.


3. Wrap a piece of twine around the napkin ring, leaving a small space, and cut. Use that piece of twine to make six more pieces for a total of seven.


4. Hot glue the twine around the middle of the cardboard napkin ring. Hot glue the rest of the twine around the napkin ring, working toward the outer edges. If you can still see the cardboard, glue more pieces around it.


hot glue twine


5. Take a small piece of ribbon and hot glue to the napkin ring to cover where the twine meets.


hot glue ribbon


6. Hot glue a jingle bell to the center of the ribbon. My bells came with silver ties, which I threaded before I glued it, then tied around the napkin ring afterward to secure it.


jingle bells


7. Tuck an evergreen sprig under each napkin ring to give it color and a nice scent.


Jingle bell napkin rings

8. Enjoy!

Are you hosting a Christmas party this year? Do you have out-of-town company coming? Maybe, if you’re like me, you have a college student returning home and you can’t wait to celebrate Christ’s birth with the whole family around the table.