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Do you have a school project due and need to interview an author? Here’s a little bit about me and my writing.

Tween girls reading The Christian Girl's Guide to Style by Sherry Kyle


Q. Why do you write books for girls?


I love to write books for kids because I remember what it was like to be that age— to be curious about God, to be part of a family, and to learn what it means to be a true friend.



Q. Was it hard to get published?


Yes. I’ve been writing a long time. I took classes on writing before I sent anything to an editor at a publishing house. I received many rejections before getting a book contract. The Christian Girl’s Guide to Style and The Girl’s Guide to Your Dream Room are my first two books.


Q. Didn’t you ever get discouraged?


Definitely. Writing is hard work. Sometimes the words come easily and sometimes they don’t.


Q. Where do you get your ideas for your books?


Many of the stories you read in my books actually happened to me. My ideas also come from my imagination.


Q. What is the best thing about publishing books?


The best thing about publishing books is hearing from readers. I love receiving e-mails from boys and girls and their moms about how my books have made a difference in their life.


Q. Are you working on another book?


Yes! I have two books for girls in the True Heart Girl’s Devotional series coming out in 2018 and 2019. Next, look for God’s Promises for Me! and Thinking God’s Way.


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