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Do you cry at Hallmark commercials?

Posted by on Jun 14, 2013 in Faith, Fiction | 1 comment

I do.

I can’t help myself. When I watch how the people are connected and how much they care for each other, tears form.

Recently, my husband videotaped a wedding for a couple getting married at a beach overlook near our house. That evening, he showed me bits and pieces of the ceremony. I’ve never met this couple, but I can imagine their love story. My mind whirls. Maybe it’s the writer in me, or the ideal setting.

Let me paint the picture.


He is tall, handsome, and wearing the dress blues of a Marine.

She has long blond hair, blue eyes, and her beautiful strapless wedding gown hugs her petite frame.

They make a striking couple.

It’s a small ceremony with only a couple of rows of friends and family attending. The day is gorgeous with blue skies overhead and gentle waves crashing below.

As the bride approaches the gated bluff holding tight to her father’s arm, the groom’s chin quivers, full of emotion at seeing her for the first time.

During the ceremony they take the traditional vows and exchange the expected rings, but there is something special about these two. Maybe it’s the way she giggles at forgetting the words to the vows, or the way he caresses her face during the signature kiss.

After joining two vases of colored sand into one and being pronounced man and wife, the couple walk away hand-in-hand down the path, with brightly colored confetti tossed by those attending.

I can’t help but get teary-eyed thinking about the wonderful commitment they made to each other and what their future might hold.

Just imagine.

Do you get emotional watching Hallmark commercials or witnessing special events?


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  1. Anonymous

    Raymond Bechara odmówił, odpowiadając, że on nie może wyrzucić, ani cios tam którykolwiek z
    jego gości dla no ważne powód