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Do you need a happy ending?

Posted by on Mar 14, 2013 in Fiction | 4 comments

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I love Women’s Fiction. I love to read it, as well as write it. One sure fire way to know if you’re reading women’s fiction is by the description on the back of the book.


Here are some clues: 

Women’s fiction taps into the hopes, fears, dreams, and longings of women today.

The woman’s life is the main storyline and relationships are the key focus.

These books may not always have a ‘happy ending’ and the characters may not necessarily be ‘likeable,’ and yet we are drawn to them because we relate to their frustrations.


Every once in a while I have the opportunity to endorse or influence a novel before it hits store shelves. When the book Invisible by Ginny Yttrup came in my mailbox, I couldn’t read it fast enough.


Here’s a sneak peak from the back cover:

 Invisible by Ginny YttrupEllyn DeMoss—chef, café owner, and lover of butter—is hiding behind a layer of fat. But what is she hiding? While Ellyn sees the good in others, she has only condemnation for herself. So when a handsome widower claims he’s attracted to Ellyn, she’s certain there’s something wrong with him.

Sabina Jackson—tall, slender, and exotic—left her husband, young adult daughters, and a thriving counseling practice to spend a year in Northern California where she says she’s come to heal. But it seems to Ellyn that Sabina’s doing more hiding than healing. What’s she hiding from? Is it God?

Twila Boaz has come out of hiding and is working to gain back the pounds she lost when her only goal was to disappear. When her eating disorder is triggered again, though she longs to hide, she instead follows God and fights for her own survival. But will she succeed?

As these women’s lives intertwine, their eyes open to the glory within each of them as they begin to recognize themselves as being created in God’s image.


My take: I loved this book! Ginny has a way of weaving realistic characters and story lines that resonate with the reader. What woman hasn’t struggled with body image? I found myself rooting for these three women, especially Ellyn.


About the author:  Ginny L. Yttrup is fast gaining respect as a writer whose work “challenges the reader to pursue spiritual growth as fully as any self-help book would” (Publishers Weekly). She is an accomplished freelance writer, speaker, and life coach who also ministers to women wounded by sexual trauma. You can find out more about Ginny and her books on her website at:


Do you love to read Christian fiction? Please tell us about a novel you’ve read recently.

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  1. Karen O'Connor

    Right now I’m reading two novels: The Return of Miss Blueberry by Raechel Phillips and The Girl in the Gatehouse by Julie Klassen. These books are very different from each other–which makes me enjoy them all the more.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Karen! Thanks for commenting, friend. I love to read different genres, too. Beside contemporary women’s fiction, I enjoy historical romance. Next up for me is A Great Catch by Lorna Seilstad.

  2. Laura Bennet

    Yes, I love to read fiction. I’m currently reading Don’t Leave Me by James Scott Bell, and The Breaking Point by Karen Ball. Just finished The Crystal Scepter by C.S. Lakin.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Laura. I love it that you’re an avid reader, like me. James Scott Bell is an amazing author and writing mentor. He coached me with the beginning of Delivered with Love.