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Forever Yours This Christmas: Christmas in July Reader Giveaway

Posted by on Jul 11, 2021 in Faith | 61 comments

Happy Christmas in July!

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What new Christmas tradition do you hope to start this year? Maybe the upcoming season has prompted you to start something new.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love decorating for Christmas, listening to and singing Christmas carols, and spending time with family and friends. So when I decided to write a novella, I jumped at the chance to write a sweet Christmas romance set in the fictional town of Winterberry, Colorado.

Forever Yours This Christmas is a story all about community. My heroine collects money every year at her shop, Second Time Around, to donate to cystic fibrosis. My hero betters the community by building much-needed housing. The community also comes together by having a silent auction to raise money for their Christmas events. And, of course, there are other fun touches of Christmas—a tree lighting celebration, ice skating, hot chocolate and Christmas cookies…lots and lots of Christmas cookies!

Here is a short description of Forever Yours This Christmas:

Amy Carrington, a consignment shop owner, tries to save her parking lot from being taken over by Sunshine Builders—CEO Kimberly Harding and her handsome brother, Wes—who are building townhomes right next to her shop in the small fictional town of Winterberry, Colorado. The bigger problem? Falling in love with her rival!

For a chance to win one of three copies (print, e-book or audiobook) of Forever Yours This Christmas (US/Canadian addresses only for print, international for e-book, US or UK for audiobook), tell me what Christmas tradition you enjoy by commenting on this blog.

GREAT NEWS! The e-book of Forever Yours This Christmas is on sale for $.99 cents from July 12-18th! (click on the title to be taken to the link)

Good news! The e-book of Forever Yours This Christmas is on sale July 12-18 for $0.99 cents!

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  1. Deborah D

    I enjoy going to church.

  2. Linda Moffitt

    We enjoy Reading The Night Before Christmas 🎄 Opening 1 Gift and then Watching A Christmas 🎄 Story for 24 hrs
    Sounds like a Great Read 📚 Thank You for Being Part of this Fun Blog Hop

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Linda! We used to open 1 gift on Christmas Eve when my kids were little, but now that they are young adults we wait for Christmas. Thank you for joining the fun.

  3. Melinda Germaine

    My favorite Christmas tradition is gathering with my family, spending the day cooking a wonderful meal together and then enjoying that meal.
    Would love to win a copy of your book. Thanks for the opportunity.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Melinda! Thanks for commenting. Would love to know what your family cooks. I’ve started a tradition of making a Mexican dish for Christmas dinner. My family loves it, and I don’t spend all day in the kitchen. Win, win!

  4. Jill Tatum

    Your book sounds great! I look forward to reading it.
    My favorite Christmas tradition is s when we read the Christmas story from the book of Luke before we open gifts. That reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Thank you, Jill. I hope you get a chance to read Forever Yours This Christmas. If you do, I’d love to know what you think of it. It’s so important to share the true meaning of Christmas we those we love. 🙂

  5. Patricia Barraclough

    I enjoy having family home for the holidays, baking and fixing big meals. With family scattered around the country, we all have so few opportunities to be together.
    Thank you for participating in this fun event.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Patricia, I love family meals!!! 🙂 We definitely need to treasure those times when we are all together.

  6. Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds

    Christmas Eve candle light service is my favorite.

  7. Cherie J.

    My family and I love to bake or buy a cake for baby Jesus. Then on Christmas Day we sing Happy Birthday and enjoy the cake in His honor.

    • Sherry Kyle

      I love that, Cherie! I have made a cake for baby Jesus before and wish I carried on that tradition even though my kids are all young adults.

  8. Donise Cinnamon

    My daughter and I enjoy baking lots of goodies which my sons then pass out to our neighbors. It was sad not being able to do that last year.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Denise, I’m glad this year is a new year! Hope you make your cookies this year. Your neighbors will enjoy it!

  9. S

    I love the Christmas Eve Service at church.

    Thank you for the book giveaway!

  10. Kristen

    Your book sounds so sweet and heartwarming!! I love Christmas stories, they usually fill me with happiness and joy, that of the kind I had as a child before I had to “adult”, lol. I think it would be really neat to write a book that was about Christmas traditions around the world…like a character visits 12 different regions and celebrates Christmas their with with their traditions, food and games, like a 12 Days of Christmas kinda thing. That would be super-fun to research Christmas traditions around the world!

    My favorite Christmas tradition is watching a marathon of Christmas movies with my family. We crank up the fireplace and munch on snickerdoodle cookies that I make the night before and watch movies, starting with “A Christmas Story”. Then we watch the usual suspects: “The Grinch”, “Nightmare Before Christmas” (which acts as a Halloween movie too), “Polar Express”, “The Year Without a Santa Claus”, “The Santa Clause”, “Rise of the Guardians”, “Home Alone”, etc…

    Thank you very much for the chance!!

    • Sherry Kyle

      Kristin, our Christmas movie list is similar to yours. It’s so much fun to gather the family together and watch holiday movies. Your book idea sounds like a fun one to research. Thank you for your sweet comment about my book. 🙂

      • Kristen

        Those are all classic and great Christmas movies! It warms my heart to know I’m not the only one who does movie marathons on Christmas! I might research it anyway, just for the fun of it! : )

  11. Carey Bryson

    We love Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving and celebrating all through Advent looking forward to Christmas worship and our family meal.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Carey, I love it that you decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. My family does too! 🙂

  12. Suzan Burgett

    Our tradition is that we each make at least one ornament each year for our Christmas tree. It can be made from whatever we want to use and we use whatever we have on hand. It’s a highlight of our holiday!

    • Sherry Kyle

      Suzan, I would love to see a picture of some of your ornaments. We have some that are homemade as well. Those are my favorite.

  13. Robin in NC

    My favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas Eve candle light service. It’s a wonderful reminder to stop, breathe & remember what the season is truly about.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Robin, I agree with you. There’s nothing like the Christmas Eve service to remind us about what the season is really about.

  14. bn100

    decorating together

  15. Marie

    Love, love, love the Christmas season and all that it stands for. Love to put Christmas music on and decorate the tree with memories of all the different ornaments and also driving around listening to Christmas music to see all of the Christmas decorations in different neighborhoods. And of course baking all of the family favorite cookies!

  16. Nancy

    I love Christmas books and I can’t wait to read Forever Yours This Christmas it sounds wonderful!

    • Sherry Kyle

      Thank you, Nancy! I hope you snagged an e-book copy since it’s on sale right now for $0.99! Let me know how you liked it.

  17. Debra J Pruss

    We will be having all kinds of new traditions beginning this year. My Mom is now living in a nursing home. It will be just my husband and I celebrating at home. We will be baking, decorating as well as Christmas cards just the two of us.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Debra, transition is hard, isn’t it? I was just talking with my husband about it. We decided we need to live in the moment and enjoy each and every day God gives us. Sounds like you have a wonderful plan to celebrate Christmas this year.

  18. Glenda Thedens

    I love driving around and looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights, and the Living Natives.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing prize.
    God Bless you and your family.

  19. Tina R

    We place a white dove on our Christmas tree at midnight on Christmas morning for each immediate family member who has passed away. It’s our way of having our loved ones with us during the holidays.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Tina, that sounds like a very special way to include your loved ones. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  20. Charlotte

    Our favorite family tradition is attending a Christmas Eve candlelight ceremony!

  21. Andrea

    A Christmas tradition I enjoy is the elf on the shelf! My kids love it! Ty for the opportunity!

    • Sherry Kyle

      Andrea, your comment made me smile! My daughter is a teacher and she has a lot of fun with the elf on the shelf! YES, kids love it! 🙂

  22. Lynn Brown

    Helping my mom bake goodies to give to her friends and family. Thanks for the chance.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Lynn! What type of cookies do you and your mom like to bake? 🙂 Amy Carrington, my main character, bakes cookies too!

  23. Shelia Hall

    book sounds wonderful!


    I would Love to win a Print copy of your book Love the cover I Love reading Christmas stories all year long! Blessings to You!

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Sarah, are we twins? haha I love a good Christmas story all year long too! Blessings back!

  25. Jcp

    Your book looks wonderful

  26. Grace

    The Christmas Tradition I enjoy is eating Swahili Pilau and Swahili Biryani which are foods reserved for special occasions such as Christmas 😋🙈.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Grace, I’ve never tried those dishes you mentioned. Sounds good! I’ll be visiting your house for Christmas this year! LOL! 🙂

  27. Tammy

    I love the cover. It draws you in. I think it is the snowy trees and the light I can’t wait to read it.

  28. Karen

    Sounds interesting!

  29. Linda Gawthrop

    Filling Christmas stockings – even though my kids are grown I still make up a stocking for everyone to have on Christmas day.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Linda, what do you put in the stockings? I fill up our Christmas stockings with mostly little things like chapstick, a toothbrush, floss, deodorant, shavers, and, of course, CANDY! My adult kids love it!

  30. Esther Searcy

    Really good ginger snap cookies received in the mail from a sister in law that would start our Christmas traditions and to begin to get into the mood for the holidays

    • Sherry Kyle

      I’m with you, Esther! Christmas cookies are a delicious part of our Christmas traditions too! 🙂