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How do you handle the change of a child going to college?

Posted by on Aug 21, 2013 in Family | 3 comments

“Mom, can you help me pack?”

The question held so many emotions for me, feelings I’ve stuffed down my daughter’s entire senior year of high school. As the months ticked by, I knew the day would come when we would bring her to college, and I also knew I wouldn’t be ready to let her go.

College Bound girl

For the past week I’ve been helping my daughter go through her stuff. I’ve discovered she’s kept every movie stub, has journals going back to when she was ten, and has enough art supplies to make me a card every day her freshman year. It’s difficult to know what to take, what to keep, and what to throw away. As we go through her things I’m constantly reminded about how quickly the years have flown by.

We’ve been planning this event the entire summer, earlier if you consider the application process, preparing for SAT’s, and filling out the FAFSA. By now, we’ve shopped for new clothes, bedding, and college supplies. We’ve covered expenses so she can eat at the school cafeteria, sleep in a comfortable dorm, and study from the pile of books required for each class. From a practical standpoint, my girl is set. She’s ready to get an education that will not only fill her mind, but her spirit as well. I have nothing to worry about . . . except my “mommy’s” heart. I’m going to miss her like crazy!

Another part of me is fiercely proud of my girl and excited about her new adventure. I know how wonderful the school is because it’s my alma mater, my husband’s as well, and she’s going to have the time of her life. It will be full of challenges, yet adventurous too. A chance to spread her wings and fly.

This Saturday after my husband and I say goodbye, I’ll be counting the days until Thanksgiving when she returns home. In the meantime, I’ll need plenty of tissue!


Are you bringing a child to college for the first time? How are you handling the upcoming change?


Side note: Did you know Bed Bath & Beyond conveniently prints out a list specific for your child’s college? All you need to do is scan the items and they’ll not only box everything up, but you can pick up your items at a store near the college. Is that clever or what?


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  1. Brittany Kyle

    <3 you Mom! <3

  2. Sherry Kyle

    Hi Laura,

    We’ll be saying goodbye (or I prefer see you later!) in a few hours. Her room is so cute and she’s ready to go! I’m so glad to know I’m not alone in this! Thanks for sharing your mama’s heart.

  3. Laura Bennet

    Praying for you today, Sherry, as you say goodbye! I feel your mother’s heart. We sent Brodie back to Australia in June. Ashley leaves this week for grad school in Washington. Oh lady, I’m right there with you!