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Love, Lexi: Letters to God Book Launch—with giveaway!

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Love, Lexi Book Launch Party

Thank you for finding my book party page!

Whoo HOOO! It’s release day for Love, Lexi: Letters to God, a new devotional experience for 10-14 year old girls!


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From the back cover: What’s a girl to do when her rival wants to nab the attention of the one boy she’s liked since he shared his peanut butter and jelly sandwich with her in first grade? Alexis Dawn Cooper (aka Lexi) doesn’t like the way she looks, wants to hang out with the popular kids, and wishes Justin Powell—the boy she’s had a crush on practically forever—would like her as more than a friend.

Love, Lexi cover

What Others Are Saying:

“The author has done a fantastic job weaving together a story that could happen to any girl at any middle school in America. She has written Lexi as the typical girl next door who has some brave moments that bring on some big surprises.” ~ Edie C.


“I would recommend this book to several of my friends, and I hope the author will come out with more books similar to this!” ~ Apple, tween girl


“Love, Lexi! I have this book put away for our niece. She just turned 14 and her name is Alexa…they call her Lexi. I think it’s perfect for her. I have gone through the book myself and it is great. It is well written and so much fun. It’s a great book for pre-teens and teens. Not only is this a great story to read, but it is also a journal and devotional. It contains a lot of bible verses.” ~ Crystal


“Such a great idea, this book! It’s a seamless combination of story/journal/bible verses/idea articulation assistance – this one truly has it all for the tween and teen! The story is great; the idea is interesting; it is well written and fun and poignant and touching all at once.” ~ Kristen W.


What’s release day without a book GIVEAWAY?

Write a comment below to be entered for a chance to win a copy of Love, Lexi. I will draw a winner next Tuesday, March 8th, so you have time to tell a few friends (and your junior high pastor at your church) about the contest too!

But if you don’t want to wait, BUY THE BOOK HERE!

Here’s the question:

Which one of these top five things do you want your tween daughter to know?

  • God loves you no matter what!
  • You are valuable.
  • Inner beauty is more important that outward appearance.
  • Be a true friend.
  • Seek God above all else.

Fortunately, all of these topics are in Love, Lexi, PLUS a bunch more!

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