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Featured Book: Memory of Murder by Ramona Richards

Posted by on May 17, 2013 in Fiction |

Memory of MurderFrom the back cover:

The secrets of her past could imperil her future.

Lindsey Presley certainly can’t imagine why anyone would want her dead—though she knows she wouldn’t be alive today if not for the local cop who saved her from two murder attempts. Deputy Jeff Gage has worked difficult cases, but with only Lindsey’s fractured memories of a broken past to guide him, this is by far his most challenging. For Lindsey, fleeing the town she has come to call home is unthinkable. Separately, they are vulnerable, but together, Jeff and Lindsey just may stand a chance of catching a ruthless killer.

First line:

Her every nerve suddenly on edge, Lindsey Presley stared at the blond man confronting Deputy Jeff Gage.

My take:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. From the first line, I was involved in the story and the suspense. I loved the romance between Lindsey and Jeff. At the beginning of the book, the pair have already established a friendship, so the way Jeff cares for Lindsey is totally believable as well as the reason Lindsey keeps him at arm’s length. As an abused child, Lindsey has learned how to take care of herself. I also enjoyed getting to know Lindsey’s sisters June and April. Like a well-spun web, Ramona weaves in clues and characters to provide a well-crafted book.

Ramona RichardsAbout the author:

Ramona Richards sold her first story at 18, and never looked back. She’s the author of 9 books, and numerous short stories and magazine articles. As an editor, she has worked on more than 350 publications and won numerous awards for her writing and editing. She lives in Nashville and works as an editor at Abingdon Press.


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