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What inspires you?

Posted by on May 9, 2013 in Faith, Fiction | 5 comments

I love flowers. The delicate petals, intricate leaves, the strong stems.

Flowers inspire me because of the vibrant colors and the feeling they invoke. Red roses at Valentine’s Day, lilies at Easter, poinsettias at Christmas.

To celebrate my book release of The Heart Stone, a friend of mine gave me a beautiful phalaenopsis orchid for my kitchen counter. According to the directions, they “look delicate but are easy to care for.” We’ll see. The only problem is I kill plants. In the past, there hasn’t been a plant given to me that has lasted more than a month. (No joke.) I think the main reason is I tend to overwater. But, so far, so good! Here’s a picture. orchid

Today I wrote a chapter for my novel in progress. One of the secondary characters is the owner of a flower shop. (It’s fun to be the one in charge of my characters. I can make them do anything I want!) Today she was making a floral arrangement with sweet peas, lisianthus, and hydrangeas. It looks like this. Pretty, huh?

The photo reminded me of the flowers from my wedding. The purple, pink, and periwinkle colors combined with a touch of white made for an eye-catching bouquet. (My husband’s second cousin copied them for her wedding a couple years later.) My wedding cake was also decorated with the same combination of real flowers.

Last week, my older teen girl was given a bouquet of this gorgeous coral flower after being in the high school play. I snapped a photo. Does anyone know the name of this flower? coral flower

Flowers inspire me to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation.

What inspires you?


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  1. cheryl ricker

    Those flowers coral flowers are gorgeous! They inspire me actually. And I agree with you and Laura about the ocean. Something about the waves. Oh take me away! : )

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hey, Cheryl! Thanks for coming to my blog. 🙂 A nice cup of coffee or special treat also warms my heart and keeps me going. Think I’ll put a photo of that on Pinterest!

  2. Sherry Kyle

    That’s funny, Karen! My husband just bought some purple African daisies for our yard. I love flowers. I just wish I knew how to take care of them. So happy for our husbands who keep our gardens beautiful.

    Yes, Laura. I agree. I could watch the ocean for hours, couldn’t you?

  3. Karen O'Connor

    My husband’s last name is Flowers (I kept my maiden name when we married) so he likes to joke that he will always keep me in ‘flowers.’ He does! Our yard is filled with gorgeous blooms of many varieties. I love the photos you included.

  4. Laura Bennet

    I agree. And the ocean.