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How has God used you?

Posted by on May 2, 2013 in Faith, Fiction | 6 comments

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Have you heard the expression, “Grow where you are planted?”

As I created George MacAllister’s character in The Heart Stone, I relied on my experience with not one, but TWO major surgeries within a short time back in 2010. Now that I think about it, it was exactly three years ago this April.

After some tests, I was diagnosed with an infection that landed me in the hospital with IV antibiotics and painkillers. I attempted to go home after a week, but turned right back around because the nausea was too great. I stayed a few more days—10 days in all. The recovery time after my surgery was eight weeks and I was counting down the days until I felt normal again.

The week I turned a corner for the better, I had an attack. I was grateful I had a few pain pills left. OUCH! After visiting an internist, I discovered I needed another surgery. He told me it was common to have a second abdominal surgery because internal organs shift. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

I never imagined it would take me three months from when I first entered the hospital to get well. I missed my son’s thirteenth birthday, the musical Wicked on Broadway with my daughter’s class, and other family events on our calendar. It was a difficult time. There were days when I felt sorry for myself, and times I had peace knowing God was in charge and loved me—scars and all.

This is what Shondra Brown, a book reviewer from The Christian Manifesto, said about The Heart Stone:

“Kyle does an excellent job in capturing the relationships between people, the good and the bad.  The realistic emotions of facing a medical diagnosis are honestly portrayed through Uncle George, and even through 6-year-old Jacob.  Often times an author may go with what works best for the story, but Kyle chose to show how a human heart can harden, losing their once cheery and encouraging disposition.

Fast paced, and well written, The Heart Stone will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride, finally settling in and leveling out. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and quickly moved through it in 2 sittings!”

I’m thankful the reviewer felt I portrayed his emotions honestly. It’s what every author longs to hear. God doesn’t waste our pain. If I didn’t go through my own medical issues, I might not have understood the frustrations George MacAllister went through.

How has God used you because of what you’ve been through?

By the way, I’m healthy now and feel great!


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  1. cheryl ricker

    The Heart Stone sounds amazing!

  2. Laura Bennet

    Wow! Thanks to both of you sharing your stories. I’m battling an ongoing infection that has been debilitating and caused me some discouragement this week. God’s used you to encourage me to relax and let God handle it in his time.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Laura! Being sick is no fun! When I was recovering from surgery, I felt like I was wasting my days just laying around. Then, I realized there was no more important thing I must do then get well. Sleep was the best activity. Rest up, my friend!

    • cheryl ricker

      Hope you’re feeling better, Laura. Praying for you!

  3. Karen O'Connor

    I remember a time in 1999 when I simply couldn’t get well no matter what steps I took. One night I attended a meeting for a women’s club I belonged to. The guest speaker was an acupuncturist. She was so convincing and so interesting to listen to I decided to make an appointment with her. I know God was in this with me. After six months of treatments I was on my feet again. I am always amazed at how God steps in and leads me just when I’m about to give up. My experience that year increased my compassion for others with chronic illness and also taught me to take good care of myself day to day.