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Catch Us if You CAN: Spring Scavenger Hunt

Posted by on Mar 20, 2014 in Blog, Faith, Fiction | 42 comments

Catch Us if You CAN: Spring Scavenger Hunt! STOP # 21, Author Sherry Kyle’s blog ReConnecting Faith and Fiction.



Here are the CAN Hunt’s official guidelines:


WELCOME, to the Catch Us if You CAN: Spring Scavenger Hunt! We hope you enjoy meeting Christian Author Network members as you chase down clues for the chance to win our grand prize: $200 in gift cards from CBD, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon, plus 29 free books, one from each participating CAN author!


  • 2nd & 3rd Prizes: $50 Amazon, B&N, or CBD gift certificate!


  • Catch us on this hunt beginning at Noon on Friday, 03/21/14 and ending at Midnight on Thursday, 03/27/14. No need to hurry as you search for clues—you have almost an entire week! If you need help at any time during the hunt, check in here.


  • Enjoy 29 stops, each featuring a different CAN author!


  • Gather the clues from each post, beginning at STOP # 1 and ending at Stop #29. Follow the directions and fill out the Rafflecopter form. Be ready to provide the complete clue in sentence form, gathered from all 29 stops, within 2 days of email notification or another winner will be randomly drawn. There is no need to email/submit the clue, unless you are notified by 03/29/14.


Sorry, due to international regulations and postage costs, prizes will be awarded to US Residents only. Individual contests within the hunt may vary, so please read rules presented with each giveaway.


Welcome, Hunters. I’m pleased to introduce Ava Pennington at this stop.

Ava Pennington, author of Daily Refelctions on the Names of God: A Devotional, has also written for organizations such as Focus on the Family, Christianity Today, and Haven Ministries. She has also been published in 25 anthologies, including 18 Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and has co-authored two children’s picture books. Visit Ava at her website, Facebook, and Twitter. Readers can also connect with Ava on Google+ and Pinterest.

 Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 3.14.21 PM

Now on to the interview…

Hi, Ava. It’s nice to have you on my blog today. How did you go from working as a Human Resources Director to becoming a writer? 


Writing had always been a dream, but I didn’t have the confidence to follow it in college. I majored in business, pursued my MBA in management, and worked in the corporate financial services world for twenty years. During that time I became serious about growing as a Christian and was blessed to be a member of a strong church congregation committed to discipleship. The more I learned, the more I wanted to share what I was learning, and the less satisfied I was in my career.


When my husband and I relocated from New York City to southeast Florida, I decided to leave the corporate world and take the time to teach and write…and I haven’t looked back!


What an inspirational story! Tell us about your latest book release.

Daily Reflections on the Names of God: A Devotional is published by Revell Books and endorsed by Kay Arthur, founder of Precepts Ministries International. It examines the biblical names of God through 366 daily readings and helps readers discover what those names mean for their own faith.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 3.14.39 PM


Daily Reflections on the Names of God offers you a wonderful opportunity to spend time each day getting to know God more intimately by exploring 122 of His names and attributes. Using three individual devotions for each name, you will discover something new about who God is, who you are, and how you relate to others.


Sounds like a wonderful book. From your website, I also see that you’re a speaker. What topics do you like to speak about?


I enjoy speaking about inspirational topics. I’ve been fortunate to speak to a variety of groups, from a synagogue to church groups, as well as functions for the public library, the Red Cross, school programs, and writers conferences. I’m also a teacher with Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), teaching a weekly class of 175+ women from 40+ different churches – a picture of what it will be like around God’s throne someday!


What else would you like people to know about you?


My wonderful husband and I just adopted to rescue boxer puppies. They’re now four months old and they’re keeping us hopping!


Oh, I love puppies! They’re a lot of work, but so much fun. Thank you, Ava Pennington, for visiting my blog today!


Readers/Hunters. Ready to continue?



Before you go, write down this STOP #21 clue: about


WAIT! Check out this giveaway!

Like my Facebook page and leave a comment about what your favorite part of spring is for a chance to win a copy of my latest novel, The Heart Stone.

This giveaway available to US and Canada residents only. Enter below via Rafflecopter:

The Heart Stone by Sherry Kyle cover

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Now, proceed to stop #22, Ava Pennington’s site!






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  5. Darlene Pena

    My favorite part of Spring is the smell! It has this wonderful sweet, fresh smell that makes me smile when I step outside.

  6. Ruth Smith

    Hi Sherry, I LIKED you on FB and I signed up for your newsletter. The best part of Spring to me is the feeling of re-newed love. Spring brings on new birth of all the flowers and trees, so why not renew love as well! For some reason I feel more in love in the spring and summer months when the sun is shinning, the beach is calling, the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and love is in the air all around! After almost 48 years, it still feels wonderful to be in love with the same sweet, caring, thoughtful handsome man! I love him in the winter, and I know it sounds crazy but spring just puts a lot more fun and excitement in our love!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter your give away and I would be delighted if I were to win the Heart Stone. God’s blessings to you.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Ruth,

      Glad to have you on my blog. We’re heart sisters! Want to know a secret? The Heart Stone is set over spring break. In fact, there’s ‘old’ love and new love too. I think you’d really enjoy it. Yesterday it rained where I live. There’s nothing like the smell after a rain. Do you agree? Thanks for joining the CAN hunt. Best wishes.


  7. Kristen

    Hi Sherry! I picked up Delivered with Love a little while ago and just hadn’t gotten to it yet, but I think I’ll be moving it up on my TBR list after this hunt!

    kam110476 AT gmail DOT com

    • Kristen

      Oops! My fave part of Spring are all the pretty colors and the joy of new life in all God’s creation blooming up left and right!

      • Sherry Kyle

        Hi Kristen,

        Thank you for grabbing Delivered with Love and for being part of the CAN hunt! I know what you mean about having a stack of books to read. 🙂 Let me know how you like it.


  8. Lady DragonKeeper

    My favorite part of spring is Spring Break! By the middle of the semester I am ready for a week’s vacation! =) Thanks for the chance to win –your book sounds great!

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Lady Dragonkeeper,

      Fun name! Thank you for commenting on my blog and joining the CAN hunt. YES, I need a vacation too. Plus, my college daughter will be coming home spring break, so I have a lot to look forward to. Are you going anywhere exotic? 🙂 Even a stay cation is awesome.


  9. Debora Wilder

    I guess the thing I like most about spring is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Debora,

      Thank you for stopping by and joining the CAN hunt. Yes, celebrating Jesus’ resurrection is definitely one of the best things about spring. 🙂


  10. Pam D

    I liked your facebook page. My favorite part of spring is all of the babies that arrive with spring

  11. C Marie

    Aw, I have a special weak point when I hear the words “boxer puppies.” We have a boxer (she is currently snoring away on her dog bed next to me), who in my opinion is the best dog ever!
    And favorite part of spring? No more winter. Or cold. Or shoveling the car out. And then the flowers and stuff are nice, too. 🙂

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi C Marie,

      Boxer puppies do sound adorable…well, any puppy is cute. 🙂 I don’t have a Boxer, but I do have a black Lab and a black Chihuahua/Terrier mix. I don’t have snow where I live, but I grew up in Colorado, so I know exactly what you mean. Thanks for joining the CAN hunt.


  12. Polly Schneider

    My favorite part of spring is seeing the buds coming back on the trees. After such a long winter, the bare trees are so dreary. It’s nice to see them coming back to life.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Polly,

      I hope you’re having fun on the CAN hunt. Thank you for commenting. Yes, seeing the budding trees come back to life brings a smile to my face as well.


  13. Celita

    Ms. Sherry Kyle, I am unable to participate in the giveaway because I am not in the US or Canada, but I just had to comment at least to tell you how grateful I am for people like you who have a heart for tweens… It is such a difficult and marvelous stage in growing up. I have five kids, only one of which is a girl, and she is 8. I will be looking up your books soon… Thank you for sharing your passion and love of the Lord to encourage others. Blessings…

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Celita,

      The tween age group is so much fun and special. Just this week I read to a class of 5th graders and was reminded how much I enjoy sharing and talking with children. My youngest is now a Freshman in high school. Time passes all too quickly. I hope you enjoy my books.

  14. Linda Marie Finn

    I had liked your fb page, but I added you to a list so that they won’t delete us and I will be able to follow your page.
    Linda Finn
    Faithful Acres Books

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Linda,

      Thank you for the ‘like’ on my FB page. I’m not sure I follow what list you put me on, but I appreciate it just the same. Hope you’re having fun with the hunt.


  15. Courtney Clark

    My favorite part of spring is seeing all the different shades of green in the trees and flowers!

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Courtney,

      I love trees too! I especially enjoy driving down a tree-lined street in full bloom. Thanks for participating in the hunt.


  16. Rebecca Rickman

    My favorite part of spring is when the sun begins to show it’s face more. Love it!

  17. Marianne Barkman

    The best part of spring is the new growth I see

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Marianne,

      Do you garden? I wish I were a green thumb, but unfortunately I’m not. I kill every plant I own. Thanks for joining the hunt.


  18. Sharon Miller

    I really enjoy the flowers in spring. I have lavender, roses, various bulbs, lantana, & geraniums. sm

  19. Barbara Thompson

    My favorite part of spring is the flowers blooming and have the beautiful colors. I enjoyed your interview and liked your Facebook page. Thank you for participating in the scavenger hunt and for the opportunity of the giveaway.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Barbara,

      Thank you so much for coming by and for your kind words. I agree, there’s nothing like colorful flowers in spring.


  20. Angie Young

    My favorite thing about Spring is when the Daffodils bloom. Something about all of those yellow flowers is so inviting. Always seems to cure those winter blues.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Angie,

      Thank you for participating. I love flowers too, although I don’t have a green thumb. Do you? Thank goodness my husband takes care of our yard.


  21. Esther

    Aloha Sherry! Thanks for posting about this scavenger hunt on your page. My favorite part of Spring is the scent of the growing grass after the first rain.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Esther!

      So good to hear from you. 🙂 I wish we’d have more rain around here. It’s been so dry. I have to admit I like sunshine best. I hope you’re having fun on the hunt.


  22. Jackie McNutt

    I forgot to add my favorite part of spring is watching all of nature come back to life after the dead of winter.

  23. Jackie McNutt

    Liked your F b page and signed up for blog.
    I enjoyed learning of your site.

    • Sherry Kyle

      Hi Jackie! I’m so happy to have you as my first commenter for the CAN hunt! I love spring for that reason too. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the hunt!